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Today’s Youth. Tomorrow’s Storytellers.

Everyone has a story.

The Mosaic Film Experience brings the power of digital experiences and content creation to youth. Mosaic’s programs provide students with access to passionate digital media professionals, media literacy resources and opportunities to tell their own unique stories. We open eyes and we open doors.


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content consumed will be digital by 2020


Mosaic Film Experience uses the power of digital media to open career horizons.
Find out how we’re creating the next generation of storytellers one community at a time.


How can you get heard in a diverse, content-driven, media-rich world?
By telling a great story. Find out how to create and submit your short film.


Mosaic Film Experience culminates in a one day student-centered digital media experience, complete with workshops, keynotes from top media professionals, screenings, and an award ceremony.

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“Don’t be afraid to tell stories. Personal stories are the ones that speak out. Some of the best art is made by people who are taking a step forward.”

“What you’re seeing here is the future of niche festivals. It’s a return to the importance of the communal experience of watching a film.”

“The thing about Mosaic is we put young people at the center. It amplifies the voice of the next generation.”

“I love the Mosaic Film Experience because they are increasing competency and building knowledge and skills.”

“You need to experience this. These students have lots of power . . . they need to learn that they can express who they are in more than one way.”

“It’s very healing to be able to tell your story.”