Meet Mariah

A junior at City High School, Mariah Barrera has a passion for creativity and self-expression. Her favorite subject is English for that reason. It’s the only core subject, in her opinion, that gives her a creative outlet.

Mariah also loves photography and videography. Creating things, whether through words, images, or video, is part of who she is. It’s what makes her the happiest. She loves experimenting and not having to follow a static pattern. For Mariah, the appeal of photography and videography is that there is room for individuality and trying new things.

As a participant in WMCAT’s after school program, Mariah shaped her love of digital creation. She has also recently finished a six-month personal photography project for school, which was inspired by various artists’ songs. Mariah created a photo collection based on the images and colors she envisioned while listening to the music. She used photography to express the feelings she had when listening to different genres of music. This project was recently displayed at WMCAT’s art exhibit.

When Mariah’s not behind a camera you can find her scrolling through Instagram, watching YouTube videos, and listening to hip hop for inspiration. Mariah contributes photos and videos to both Instagram and YouTube, but she prefers Instagram over any other social media platform. It’s the perfect medium for following some of her favorite artists, whether they are part of music, video, or photography scenes.

Mariah is no stranger to the Mosaic Film Experience. In the spring of 2017, she worked with Gorilla as the director for “Breathe,” a Mosaic student and professional collaboration PSA in support of Grand Rapids Mayor Bliss’ Greening Initiative. Later in 2017, in conjunction with ArtPrize, Mariah was a presenter in the panel discussion “The Stories We Tell Ourselves.” And in November 2017, Mariah was awarded first prize in the 2017 Mosaic Mobile film competition for her short film “Tomorrow.”

Mariah is excited to participate in the Mosaic YouTube project and learn new techniques from Carbon Stories for utilizing her phone to create video and photos. After the YouTube Project, Mariah plans to use her creative gift to pursue a career as a cinematographer, photographer, or director. We can’t wait to see her name on the big screen or in an exhibit some day!