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Submission Deadline
October 13

Mosaic Mobile™ content is about challenging the conventions of storytelling. With technology leveling the content creation playing field, our focus is on how high school and college students can use today’s tools to tell more original, engaging stories.

Mosaic films celebrate creative thinking and discovery while exploring the diverse world in which we live.  

Have an idea for a film you want to create? Or have a class full of eager students with stories to tell? Make sure to check out the rules and requirements to see what aspiring filmmakers need to know before submitting to Mosaic Film Experience.

Mosaic Mobile
2017 Finalists

High School

Here are the 2017 Mosaic Mobile
High School finalists!
Watch the videos and cast your vote for your favorite film.
Voting will end October 28th at 12:00pm EST.
Winners will be announced November 8 & 9 at the Wealthy Theatre and will receive the prize of new gear!

Wake Up
Xian Castillo | Careerline Tech Center 

Why Not Make it Better?

Allison Riley | Careerline Tech Center 

I’m So Glad I waited for Tomorrow

Alaysia Springer, Jessica Jenkinson, Brooke Elzinga | Wyoming High School 


Nathan Leese | Careerline Tech Center 

A Short Film: Tomorrow

Mariah Barrera | City High School

Rhythm of Tomorrow

Braeden Harmelink, Brendon Mrozinski, Zoe Frick, Lauryn Rhodes, Scott Sheets | Rockford High School 


Molly Vance, Briza Castillo, Calum Goodman, Noriajha Hatchett, Desmond Scheelkruger | Grand Rapids Montessori

Pass it On

Emma Sheldon, Natalie Bultman, Karsten Hugger, Will Merchun, Cole McAnelly, Evan Dubey, Evan Coberly | Rockford High School 

Letters From Tomorrow

Quiana Wade | Wyoming High School 

Why Not Be a Friend

Solomon Bunce | Careerline Tech Center 


Here are the 2017 Mosaic Mobile
College finalists!
Watch the videos & cast your vote for your favorite film.
Voting will end October 28th at 12:00pm EST.
Winners will be announced November 8 & 9 at the Wealthy Theatre and will receive the prize of new gear!

Bryce Thomas | Grand Valley State University

Keeping up with yesterday
Beth Kuenzel and Yenna Hu | Grand Valley State University

Spencer Allen | Calvin College

“Picture This”
Celia Harmelink | Grand Valley State University

Jurassic Dreams
Brennan Huizinga | Grand Valley State University

Letters of Tomorrow
Hunter McDowall, Dorian Murphy, Mac Danini, AJ Bumgardaner, Emily Kaminski, Austin Kemp, Tamarra Symone | Compass College of Cinematic Arts

Justin Thompson and Nick Buwalda | Compass College of Cinematic Arts

Annie Falendesz | Compass College of Cinematic Arts

With Love – A Short Film
Kristin Lawrence, Ryan Boudreaux, Josheph Yiye Shen | Michigan State University

Audrey Czachorski and Holly Tumbarello | Grand Valley State University

2017 Film Criteria

The following elements must be used within your film:



“Why Not”: These words must be spoken or used in the film.

Rules and Requirements

  • Filmmakers must be a current high school or college student in West Michigan
  • Films must be shot and edited on a mobile device (phone or tablet)
  • Up to two entries per person are allowed.
  • Films must be 2-3 minutes in length (including credits)
  • Films must include the three film criteria: theme, prop and saying.
  • Any music and sound effects used in your film must have copyright permission or be royalty free.
  • All films submitted are entered into the Mosaic Film Experience competition to be judged by a panel of area film directors, media literacy professionals and other industry professionals. Decisions of the judges are final. Submitted films may be screened at the Mosaic Film Experience event as well as shared on the Mosaic Film Experience website.

Mosaic entries, finalists and winners will permit the Mosaic Film Experience to use their name, contact information, likeness, publicity stills, film or video footage, title and log line of material in pre- and post-competition publicity and promotional efforts. If you wish to opt out of this stipulation, please make a request in writing and submit it to

The Mosaic Film Experience may, at its own discretion, transfer the submitted material to a compilation DVD for Festival screening, and the resulting DVD may be used for Mosaic Film Experience promotional purposes. However, said compilations are not sold or distributed by the Mosaic Film Experience.

Submission Info

October 2nd
Submission period begins

October 13th
Submission Deadline
(11:59pm EST)

October 25th
Finalists Announced

October 27th
Rick Wilson Student Choice Voting opens
(12:00pm EST)

October 28th
Rick Wilson Student Choice Voting closes
(12:00pm EST)

For more information contact:

High School:

Have questions about how to shoot and edit a film? Check out the resource section to get started.

Mosaic Mobile Submissions:

HS Submission Form

College Submission Form


High School

  • $1000 first prize
  • $500 second prize
  • $250 third prize


  • $1000 first prize
  • $500 second prize
  • $250 third prize

Rick Wilson Student Choice Prize

New Gear – High School
$500 – College

After finalists are announced, audience voting will begin on October 27 at 12:00 p.m. EST and end October 28 at 12:00 p.m. EST. Winners will be announced at the November 8 & 9 events.

Rick Wilson Student Choice Award 

The Rick Wilson Student Choice Award was created to honor the late Rick Wilson – Emmy award winning journalist, storyteller, and a leading voice in the area of equity, inclusion and diversity. Rick was an impactful member of the inaugural team of The Mosaic Film Experience. He was always willing to lend his support and influence to the advocacy of students in promoting their stories and the amplifying of their voices!

Mosaic Mobile
2017 Winners

High School Winners

1st Place – $1000:
“A Short Film: Tomorrow,” Mariah Barrera, City High School
2nd Place – $500:
“Wake Up, Xian Castillo,” Careerline Tech Center
3rd Place – $250:
“The Rhythm of Tomorrow” Braeden Harmelink, Brendon Mrozinski, Zoe Frick, Lauryn Rhodes,
Scott Sheets
Rick Wilson Student Choice Award :
“Why Not Make it Better?,” Allison Riley, Careerline Tech Center

College Winners

1st Place – $1000:
“Picture This,” Celia Harmelink, Grand Valley State University
2nd Place – $500:
“Tomorrow,” Justin Thompson and Nick Buwalda, Compass College of Cinematic Arts
3rd Place – $250:
”The End,” Spencer Allen, Calvin College
Rick Wilson Student Choice Award – $500:
“Henry,” Bryce Thomas, Grand Valley State University

2015 Mosaic Award High School Winners

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